Class: Hive World
Planetary Governor: Lord Rem Vaxanide
Population: 3 billion
Sub-Sector: Malfian
Contact with Other Worlds: Stable Warp routes run from Vaxanide to Festus, Malfi, Synford II, and Zweihan’s World.
Average Temperature: 28 degrees Celsius (82 degrees Fahrenheit)

Vaxanide sits almost directly spinward of Malfi, joining that sub-sector capital as part of the Malfian sub-sector. Unlike its more “civilized” neighbor, Vaxanide is truly a frontier world. While officially classified as a hive world by the Administratum, this lawless frontier world barely meets the qualifications. Its three billion population answers to Lord Vaxanide, scion of House Vaxanide, which has holdings on Scintilla, Malfi, and Regulus. The economy is not strong, and the rule of law fades quickly outside the control of the central hive of Vaxanhive. The world itself mainly gets by on a moderate mineral output and prodigious exports of meat and fish, with smaller exports of glass and porcelain artisan products.

The central continent, Vaxan, holds the capital hive of Vaxanhive and a moderate shrine to Saint Drusus, rumored to be the site of several miracles of faith. Vaxanhive resides in the southeast corner of the continent, resting in a low-lying valley that is home to a number of poor climate conditions due to the lackluster nature of terraforming efforts. The entire central region of Vaxan is overrun with lush jungles, many of which are rumored to contain a lost city which mirrors the Lucid Palace on Scintilla. Peasant tales speak of the Lucid Palace’s denizens passing over in death to become phantoms in this lost city on Vaxanide. No expedition has successfully found such a city, though many have tried and never returned. The Terrigan Jungle of Vaxanide is no friend to wayward explorers. The northern and western edges of Vaxan hold the most arable land, where the polar currents and higher elevations provide more reasonable temperatures and beneficial precipitation. Along the western shore of Vaxan lies the secondary hive of Remsburg; this hive is currently undergoing a growth expansion, but would seem little more than an arcology to most citizens of hives elsewhere throughout the Calixis Sector.

Two other continents, Llira and Getzkatzen, contain a variety of scattered trading outposts, farming depots, and fishing communities. The equatorial climates of these two smaller islands leaves the population numbers much lower and the lifestyle far removed from the typical hiver life. With over 2 billion found on Vaxan, the rest of the world’s population has quite a large area to spread out. This leaves large cities or proto-arcologies very rare outside of Vaxan.


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